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Determine antenna frequency?

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I have a few SMA antenna's (pretty cheap). Yet im curious if somehow you can measure the frequency they where designed for? They are no outer markers, they look all the same. But apparently one is a 433Mhz, while the other is a 2.4Ghz.

Any thought?

Much obliged!

If they are the same, or similar, design, the 433MHz one will be about five times larger.

Can you observe anything about their design or structure?  Covered in a plastic shell?  Metal foil on sticky tape?  Spring wire in free space?


He said they all look the same, I guess the usual short whip. They can indeed be any frequency element in there, I have some on 433MHz, 2.4, 5.8 that all look exactly identical, some just having 3/4 of wasted empty space.

But it's usually easy to pull the cover off and determine the freq by looking at the actual element.

I added a picture.

Now i'm more curious if and how you can measure it, opposed to "eye-ball" it.

Network analyzer...


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