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Anyone around has PCB designs in Kicad and part numbers suitable for building RF diode limiters? Preferably for 10MHz-1GHz.

A good reference so far:


I'm interested in the 2 stage detector limiter design in page 11. Trying to select parts for decent performance 0-2GHz, for 0dBm and 5dBm.

Did you give a look at https://www.minicircuits.com/WebStore/Limiters.html?
They are not very costly and they may save you some headache  :palm:
Example https://www.minicircuits.com/WebStore/dashboard.html?model=RLM-33H%2B

Hola :-)

A more suitable model:


* https://www.minicircuits.com/pdfs/RLM-23+.pdf
* https://www.minicircuits.com/pdfs/RLM-23-1WL+.pdf
The ones with ESD protection explicitly mentioned could also help removing the BAV99 in some front-ends, which I think is likely a worse performer than their solution.

The one you linked has a rated output power (leakage power) of +18 dBm, which will positively destroy most front-ends in many SDR receivers (HackRF being infamously weak/prone to damage at anything near or above 5 dBm).

I would like to come up with my own design (or "our" design). I don't think opening the "can" of the Mini-Circuits parts will reveal much, as they are likely integrated silicon/don't have discrete parts from other manufacturers.

I also looked at Macom parts (MADL-011021-14150T, https://www.mouser.es/datasheet/2/249/MADL_011021_14150T-1316677.pdf) but again the output power is too much (15dBm). They are much cheaper than Marki's or Mini-Circuits.

If I can find a suitable part with 0-5dBm output or a 0 dBm threshold, that would be great.

kleiner Rainer:
Hello all,

the BAV99-based limiter is not so bad - a comparable circuit is the core of the hp 11947A Transient Limiter that is specified from 9kHz to 200MHz, schematic on page 11:


The one in my lab states: "Max input: +-12VDC / 10kW for 10us"

A homebrew project, complete with measurements is available here:


Both are useful to protect equipment from bursts of power and ESD, especially sensitive spectrum analyzer inputs.


Rainer DG1SMD


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