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"Distance Alert", looking for inspiration for project.

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Finally got around to replacing the wrong resistor and connected a battery and power supply to see if the DC/DC converter and the charge circuit work: both seem to be OK.

In other news, I gave in to a year-long craving and bought a 3D printer. Now dabbling in constructing a case for the thing so that it can be carried on a belt or something. FreeCAD is a whiny b*tch.

Here's the case.

Just a quick update on the progress: I've meanwhile tested all the functional units of the circuit, charger, DC/DC converter, piezo buzzer driver, went through at least 3 iterations of the enclosure design as I learned about sketches, constraints and parameters in FreeCAD.

Wasted a lot of PLA printing the parts, too (3D printers sure are fun!).

Next step: launch final PCBs and have as many components assembled by JLCPCB as are in stock. Unfortunately, the BQ25015 doesn't seem to be available at LCSC and so they will not be able to place that part. Unfortunate, but not a deal breaker.

I keep you posted.

So, yesterday something unexpected happened, and today something even less expected happened.

When JLCPCB finished the boards and DHL Express picked it up, they gave an expected delivery date some time next week. I wouldn't be at home then so i scheduled a delivery for the week after. Now, yesterday I checked on the delivery status (as you do), and the said the shipment was already in the local distribution center and would stay there until the scheduled delivery was up.

Naturally (as you do) I rescheduled the delivery for today and indeed a couple hours ago it showed up at my door.

So, I transplanted a BQ25015 from a spare out of the previous prototype run, connected a battery, hooked it up my laptop, fired up the Arduino IDE and lo and behold, was able to program the sketch and it worked right out of the box. Even the sketchy CP2102 I glued on last minute to make development and future firmware updates easier worked. No magic smoke, nothing.

I'm literally shaking of joy. Or, it's that third cup of coffee I had for lunch today.  :scared:

Alright, time for a quick update:

I switched from the Arduino IDE to Eclipse and the Espressif plugin for ESP32 and after a bit of tinkering I was able to put together a test program that uses power management, tickless idle and modem sleep while advertising a BLE beacon. It wasn't working initially, but I guessed that the 32khz crystal was probably off frequency, and indeed, after removing the two load capacitors, I can now receive the BLE beacons on my Android phone.

Next step will be to get the scanning going and then it will be time to optimize power consumption and write the actual software.


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