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DIY RF EMC Biconic Antenna

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--- Quote from: dazz1 on August 29, 2023, 03:50:31 am ---Hi
A rational person would pay the thousands for a tested, proven, calibrated antenna, but I never pretended to be rational.

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Yet you are in person....or we're both nutters !  ;D

The thing I like about RF is that I can start with raw materials I have in my workshop and turn them into something that does something. 
I can't do that with regular electronics where I have to buy components and assemble them to do something that probably needs programming.   

You can't buy snap-together EMC antenna (at least I haven't found any) like I am making.  That's the other thing I like about RF. I can make something not quite like anything that anyone else has made before.

Another ant sized step forward with the completion of the shorting bars, with the over engineered and overly complex brackets.  I would have preferred something that looked a little more organic in shape but I'd really need a CNC mill for that.

These shorting bars attenuate the resonance that happens inside the antenna. 

The next thing to tackle is the housing that supports the antenna.   I also need to make and test the baluns.   

When you you use the shorting bars Dazz ?


--- Quote from: tautech on September 10, 2023, 07:47:48 am ---When you you use the shorting bars Dazz ?

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All the time.  They are only required because the conic is approximated by the 6 elements. These elements form loops inside the antenna.  The shorting bar reduces this unwanted resonance.


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