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Driver Software for IFR2935 GSM Head


Anyone got any ideas on where either the Phonetest or Phonelib software can be found to drive the IFR2935 head from a PC.

From the searching I have done so far it used to be downloadable from IFR's website, but with all the merging that has gone on the old site and the link are no longer there, so I was hoping someone may have a copy or be able to point me in the right direction to get hold of it.

Alternatively if anyone has details of the communications protocol the IFR2935 understands as it seems a shame that these instruments can't be repurposed for lack of the right information.

I also have a IFR2935, but haven't succeeded in finding any information about it

I don't have any use for the software, but would like the schematic, as I would like to take it apart and perhaps reuse some parts


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