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el chapo rado kit,any good?

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I saw a video this morning about a very small ssb+cw rig for sale on ebay for around $120  Its called the uSDX. Its power output is around five watts.

--- Quote from: m3vuv on January 25, 2022, 08:20:33 am ---the one i mentiones has a bfo,ive just ordered it,at the present my main radio is a ex mil prc 320 with lsb,trouble is,its fard on the fingers to tune,(ie scan the ham bands) my plan is to find a signal on the cheapo toy then net on the 320,just too save my fingers getting destroyed,anyone with a prc 320 will understand.

--- End quote ---

and what was your point?,i see nothing you have posted,or is it some kind of riddle??,pray tell!!


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