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el chapo rado kit,any good?

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hi all,ive just seen this,are they any good?

I recently bought something similar but fully assembled for about half that price.

Having said that, this appears to have some better features than mine.  If I wanted a nice receiver, I would buy a used ham transceiver at a swap meet.  Maybe spend more but get a much better radio.

What do you want to use it for?

just to listen to a local net on 80m lsb in the mornngs

Mine won't do that, as it has no BFO and the tuning increments are 5 kHz.

You would do well to pick up an old tube receiver at a swap meet.

the one i mentiones has a bfo,ive just ordered it,at the present my main radio is a ex mil prc 320 with lsb,trouble is,its fard on the fingers to tune,(ie scan the ham bands) my plan is to find a signal on the cheapo toy then net on the 320,just too save my fingers getting destroyed,anyone with a prc 320 will understand.


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