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eLORAN as source of correct time

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Has anyone seen a project to obtain GMT from an eLORAN data transmission - as another alternative to NTP, GPS or WWVB?

Wasn't LORAN shut down?


“eLoran” is the replacement for the obsolete “LoranC”.
I don’t know it’s current status.

No only it is not shut down, it got a lot of attention recently due to all the Russian messing with the GPS in the Baltics.

But I don't think the cheap/civilian hardware is there to be a viable option. Hopefully it gets developed more.

Wallace Gasiewicz:
There was a test recently involving eLoran. They talked about it on the Time Nuts Mail group.I do not know what the current status is but there are plans to make it operational.I THINK the freq is 100 KHz


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