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evaluation of rogowski coil bobbin?


There are 3 rogawski coil bobbins on thingiverse that you can download and 3d print. I wanted to make one.




Does anyone have any information on if these would be considered quality parts?

And how well do they resize.. if I rescale the print for smaller wire, do other parameters need adjustment or is it essentially dimensionless?

Making a Rogowski coil measure well is easy. Making a Rogowski coil give good suppression of external fields is hard. Good suppression usually involves a lot of mathematical modelling in design, and precision manufacture. I've seen labs that look like component graveyards, where people have invested a lot in trying to achieve a current sensor that eliminates the cost and non-linearities of the core in a current transformer and failed to achieve adequate performance. This is why most of the Rogowski coils you see in real world use are measuring large currents, where the signal of interest generally swamps any external fields.

The immunity problem is a hard one... but this seems like a fun way to kill a few hours

What do you think the most promising design is? This looks downright fun compared to what I was trying to do with bending plastic tubes and threading wire etc (bunch of horse shit).. this could be the first time I used my 3d printer for a electrical device


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