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Experimenting with waveguides using the LiteVNA

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released from cold war agreements....... ;D

I think someone better call the dog catchers on them with what I have been reading in the papers for the last two years. I keep seeing rehashes of the Adams family, Russian aggression and China paranoia. Thought it was alternate reality 1950. And all the... cures.. that got rid of microwave backbone are going bad too, banned compromised networking/comm equipment, extreme ASAT weapons proliferation, rapidly accelerating third world nuclear weapons development (Iran/NK), cyber attacks on infrastructure (and these are the drunken uncoordinated hit with a 'foam pool noodle' kinds) etc.

Heartwarming tale about setting up microwave links to broadcast freedom

My attempt make a 1/4 wave offset short for a calibration standard.   Also shown is my short.  Bought a decent load from Narda.

Showing VSWR measurements of the Narda sliding load (1.353) and two of the low end loads from LRL.   

I tried to measure the two LRL loads directly with the LiteVNA.  Shown compared with the data from the old Agilent.   

I have been following along with some interest. It's pretty neat what you've achieved here.  :-+ I have not attempted to roll my own yet. However, I recently acquired some more surplus WR-90 waveguide pieces, so I've finally got enough to do some experiments. I also recently acquired a partial HP WR-28 cal kit for a song because some !@$#%@! robbed the precision load and offset shorts (and the floppy disk) out of it. I got three pieces of WR-28 line and the tools though!

I removed like 4 garbage bags of rubbish from the basement and cleared most of the tables, ready for another print and to make a little shelf to hang in front of the VNA off the rack. Amazing how much trash repairing that equipment generated. Screws all over the floor, component leads, baggies, q-tips, wipes, solder, sand paper, blocks, sponges, jigs, panels, cut components etc. I just let it accumulate when I was trouble shooting some of the stuff, mixed with furnace parts, plumbing parts and turnings and wow that got out o hand.

Step 1: ability to place cal kit on flat surface instead of broke equipment stonehenge.

are you doing experiments with dielectric fill or something btw? looks like a gas syringe.. sf6?

I also wanna make some waveguide stands now when I saw your setup. I wonder how hard it would be to get useful dimensions that interface well with many parts. I am just thinking to glue wood blocks together to make loose fit ones. I hate those long setups with coaxial parts, stuff is ends up floating at weird angles. A good one is like a welding table almost.

Did anyone that worked for commercial endeavors on wave guide have such a setup ? Like a grid/optics table dedicated to microwave parts setup? Once you accumulate enough waveguide parts it seems reasonable to think about development of such a thing.


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