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Experimenting with waveguides using the LiteVNA

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Another basic video describing EPR/ESR. 

Much better video on quantum mechanical spin:

Another good video on spin

Attempting to run a different chemical tonight.   

This little home project has once again shown me just how ignorant I am.   Planning to put some sort of video out, but rather from a physicist's point of view, it would be from a EE who knows jack all about the subject.   :-DD     

The frequency drift needed to be addressed.  I modified one of my original LiteVNAs to include a external clock reference input.  I was planning to modify the latest revision of the LiteVNA I have but it turned out there appears to be a problem that causes 50Hz dips in the frequency.  I repeated the frequency stability test using my third LiteVNA which is also the older revision of hardware and it also does not exhibit the problem.  While I have raised the issue, I doubt it will be addressed so future tests will be based on the older hardware. 

Shown is the modified VNA.  I pulled the oscillator.  Added an SMA with a TVS and termination.   The LiteVNA requires the clock to be 24.0MHz.  For now, I am just using my RF generator to derive it.   With everything now locked to the GPS, we can measure the resonance of the cavity over an extended time.   


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