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Firmware on github for DMR/MOTOTRBO scanning


Found this via slashdot. Fairly sweet.

--- Quote ---In Digital Mobile Radio, audio is sent through either a public talk group or a private contact. The radio is usually set to only one talk group, and so it’s not really possible to listen in on other talk groups without changing settings. A patch for promiscuous mode – a mode that puts all talk groups through the speaker – is now out.
--- End quote ---


may not nbe too long before /x\ patch this (unless they have already) been a while since ive had a play around on the DMR side of things with decoding usinf DSD+, these days im back to project25 and good old smartzone with a bit of flex and pocsag on the side.

i`ll have a TRBO radio to play with in a month or so, so will report back too see if this still works, it will be interesting as most features for TRBO require a EID from moto and the cps phones home to ensure you payed for the features, having said that it will be interesting too see if the latest cps/depot will still work and if it keeps this setting open when written to the radio


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