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Fly swatter ham radio transmitter

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Simple spark gap transmitter tuned to the 80M ham band.  Pic 1 showing no secondary and antenna attached to the primary.   Pic 3 showing with secondary attached. 

A bit flipped than what is normally shown with the spark gap across the fly swatter rather than in series with it. 

I've read that spark-gap transmitters were eventually banned, mostly because of their broad spurious spectrum, though until now never seen a plot of that, thanks!

I did not see any spectral data as well which I also thought would be interesting to demonstrate.   Following video showing it operating after wound for the 160 Meter band.   

Not having any sort of radio license, I'm sure a few hams will be upset and turn me into the FCC for transmitting in their bands.   :-DD :-DD

Using my old Drake TR-4 radio to listen to the fly swatter spark gap transmitter.   

Using a signal generator and car ignition coil as a source to simulate the sound of a rotary spark system.  I use the both CW and AM modes of the Drake to compare the sound.   


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