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FT-817ND with the most strangest defect ever, please help !!!

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Hello everybody, I have a FT-817ND that I want to save, it has a most unusual defect that I've never encounter it: On all RX non-FM modes, the moment I chance the frequency, something happens and the signal strength goes like 3-40db down (still hearable, but barely) and the noise increases. It stays like this up until I change the mode or the band, that it returns to working OK, and it stay so forever.

 The mainboard is one of the latest model and I wasn't able to find a schematic/PCB for the version 005189I, the latest service manual I could find stops at version H.

 I#m really willing to pay for this schematic, but is nowhere to be found.

Also in desperate need of ideas.

  Many thanks for the help,

Well, if it works okay some of the time its likely an easy, cheap repair, when you find it. Maybe the AGC circuitry is involved? Yaesu is still in business, why dont you try calling them up and asking them. It can't hurt, and there is a good chance they would know right away what the problem was and tell you. Ham related businesses are much more user friendly that way. I mean, I have no idea if they would but, what the hell.

I would also suggest asking the same question on QRZ.com, or perhaps eham.com.

A very useful group at
Sigh up free and learn all about your 817.
I am not part of running of the group but signed up as I am a 817 owner

I have contacted Yeaesu via their contact form, I will try to call them directly eventually, I doubt if it will be of any use as, like any other company, they don't care if there is no income comming, Apple set the industry standard on this stuff.

Their German authorised representatives quoted me way more than the device is worth (480EUR+VAT for mother board replacement only, no repair :wtf:), so not much to do here. After the bad experince with the last DE Yaesu repair center, I would not trust anymore at all, last time I got my unit back unrepaired, missing screws and with a broken battery lid latch :(.

I will try groups.io, maybe one will have mercy and could share the needed schematic or maybe some usefull ideas.

Many thans for the sugetions and advice and if by chance have the schematic please post a link or PM me.



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