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Gigatronics 848x Power Meter Cable


Hi, all-

I'm in need of an affordable, reliable way to measure RF power output from 2 GHz to 18+ GHz. HP meters are dirt cheap, but the sensors and cables are freaking ridiculous. As in, they cost more than I paid for my spectrum analyzer. Anyway, it looks like the Gigatronics 8481B/C is affordable, and the compatible sensors are much more reasonable. The only left is the cable, which I can't seem to find anywhere. I'm sure when I find one, it won't be cheap. Does anyone know of a source for the male connectors found on the cable ends? Female end is in the attached image, and looks different than the HP sensors.


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I guess I spoke too soon... Just won an auction for an HP 8484A with 5 ft cable for 100 USD  ;D

I know you say you've found a solution, but that connector appears to be a standard 14 pin DIN connector with a threaded lock.  The thread lock is standard, but it is one of two options when buying a connector, the other being a bayonet style locking mechanism, so watch for that.  The HP sensors use a standard 11 pin DIN connector, also with the threaded lock.

The cables are easy to make, everything about them is completely standard and well stocked, but the connectors are a bit over $20 US each, so two of them plus a length of shielded multi-conductor cable, plus shipping, and it will end up costing maybe $80 to make your own cable from scratch, plus your own time, plus when you're done you've got a DIY cable of dubious robustness, which I think is the calculus that keeps the cables up around $100 even on the used market.  (it's certainly why I haven't bothered making my own).


 ... but is the Hp 8484 compatible with the 8541-B/C Gigatronics Power Meter ?

I'm surprised to see there is still a discussion happening here!

No, the 8484A is not compatible with the Gigatronics meter. At least I don't think so. At the time of writing I did not own a power meter, but leapt on that HP sensor because the HP power meters are cheap and readily available. Shortly after I purchased the sensor I picked up a 437B with recent cal date for around 50 USD.


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