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Guy harvesting energy from the Grid using a simple radio antenna?

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For me I don't believe him for a second. First of all if you look at his multimeter the probes are connected to the volts and amps, and he is measuring voltage from a transformer using DC, and he is supplying power to a car charger without any regulation. Not to mention the crappy antenna he is using.

Well, the myth busters managed to get a tiny amount of power out of a massive antenna grid.. (Until it released magic smoke)

And I believe that in many western, capitalist democracies - this has already been judged as 'stealing' rather than harvesting.
The field around the transmission lines is the property of the electricity supplier.
It would be good to have references.

Don't believe it, especially because of those funky connections to the multimeter.

The multimeter looks like it has already had some traumatic event and been repaired with tape. So, maybe the common jack is simply burnt.
That channel has some crazy stuff on it, but nothing that seems fake so far.


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