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Thinking of getting one of these new fangled thingies, anyone want to give me an idea of a decent cheap one just for listening too within the UK.

What frequencies are you interested in?

HF 3.5 - 30 MHz - hear the world - needs a long wire aerial
VHF 144 MHZ - UK and near europe - needs a yagi or maybe a vertical
UHF 432 MHz, 1296 Mhz
and beyond...

If you think you might get a transmitting license, you could start with a cheap Baofeng 144/432 MHz handheld transceiver

144Mhz I guess, well actually the cheapest I can get I suppose as I may not have a real interest after a while so I dont want to waste money if that occurs. I also do not want to listen to that Tautech over the airwaves all day too you know.....  :-DD

Search for UV-5R in Amazon or Ebay and you can pick up a cheap 2m/70cm rig

Try the RTL SDR dongle "Cosycave" sell them cheap, coverage is from 24Mhz to just under 2Ghz (no gaps) and 0 -60Mhz using a upconverter or direct sampling method.
Suggested free software SDR# or HDSDR covers all modes etc


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