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HC-12 Channel setting and retention


I'm finalizing the firmware for a HC-12 project.

These HC-12 modules come from the factory with default settings; CH1, 9600 baud etc. The user can modify the module settings with AT commands and the limited data sheet states that these settings are non-volatile.

In my application I will program the channel to something other than default channel and the HC-12 will forever use that channel. I'm trying to decide if I should just set the channel once when it is programmed in production (and rely on the non-volatile feature) or reprogram it every time it powers-up, just to be sure that if it looses its marbles, power-cycling should get it back to the correct channel. I don't expect this will be powered up and down continuously or often, it should be powered up 24-7 with the occasional power outage, so don't expect to encroach on the unspecified endurance limits with occasional power ups.

Thoughts; once or every power-up?


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