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Thanks, Dave, for listening to the requests for this minor new section.

I think it will be useful and successful.

Next task to to search for and transfer existing RF related threads here.
Don't worry, old URL's will still work.

Very nice, indeed! I recently got an old CB radio set from my uncle and I am gathering all the needed stuff right now. I bet there will be many questions coming up, so that suits me quite well! :) Thanks Dave!

A Microvave forum for all the voodo questions and things, I wil never undestand  :wtf:
I find it always amazing, when I see a teardown of some high speed gear (e.g. 'PCB-filter' in a spectrum analyzer), how someone can design such a thing.

Edit: That might seemed a bit negative, but it is not. More the opposite, the respect for all the people that do understand what is going on...

Radio Tech:
Thanks Dave  :-+


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