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Help identify microwave transistor logo

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Does anyone recognize this manufacturer's logo on microwave transistors? Can't seem to find anything.

Neomys Sapiens:
Exodus Advanced Communications

Thanks! Was looking for it for a long time. But it seems they sell only microwave systems, not individual transistors. The actual amplifier module is from IFI. I wonder what are my chances of getting a datasheet or replacement for that transistor.

Neomys Sapiens:
Maybe someone (experienced sales and/or application engineer) at RFPD (Richardson) or another specialised distributor could help you. Or ask at everythingrf or mwrf.com whether anyone knows who took that product line or who made them really..

I wonder how hard it would be to find a new one that you can put in there.

Are they that different from each other? I would expect maybe some noise figure irregularity or something.. I wonder how tuned the circuits are to the transistors. Sometimes I wonder how different it is from hacking a toilet flush system (like a transistor it goes into 'latchup' (permaflush) if you don't bound it etc..


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