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Homebrew RF Levelling Amplifier

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David Hess:

--- Quote from: e.sotillet on May 18, 2022, 11:37:57 am ---Oh! Yes, a good example is the circuit of the Tektronix SG503 leveled signal generator.

Regading to the extraing diode, I think it is used in case of Vrf is too high (to speed up the opamp output voltage??).
--- End quote ---

It is impossible to tell without knowing the details of the operational amplifier  The RF will get rectified by the input differential pair and the diode.  It is not really a configuration to be relied on.


I sorry for not give the entire details of the circuit. The VRF is a DC voltage proportional to the output power of the amplifier, it comes from an AD8317. VREF comes from a voltaje divider to stablish the setpoint. My doubt was about the function of the diode, I made a couple of simulations and didnt find differences between the circuit with the diode and without it. I dont know if I'm missing something.

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