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How to design antenna below 1khz with antenna design software like HFSS?

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Usually,HFSS,antenna magus can help to design antenna above 1khz.
What can be used to design antenna below 1khz?

Well, you may be able to use NEC, or something similar, (I don't know) but your antenna is going to be very large, very very large. Youre going to have to face that fact.

As far as software, with some limitations, (propagation effects) you may be able to simply scale the proportions of the various elements for the lower frequency. As said elsewhere, get ready for large size.

Do you have a fairly large plot of land (or a small to medium sized country) to site it on?

You already have two of them, with built-in directional tracking. They are called ears.

The US Navy maintains a very expensive radio transmitter (NAA) operating at 24.0 kHz, formerly 17.8 kHz, with 2 MW power.
The use case is communication with submerged submarines (not very deep).
The antenna takes up roughly a square mile.


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