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Quarter Wavelength Transformer on PCB
« on: March 04, 2019, 03:49:31 am »

I am trying to create a quarter-wavelength transformer for my VHF power amplifier application with RF switch PIN diodes and quarter-wavelength transformer. I am making a lumped elements quarter wavelength transformer with a wire-wound inductor and two MLCC capacitors (fixed C0G dielectric).

But I am having a trouble realizing this circuit on a PCB and managed to end up with this attempt as shown in attachment. I have two quarter-wavelength transformers in this PCB, as suggested in my previous thread. I tried using a polygon to realize the connection between two inductors, in doing so, I created a capacitance that is (between L6 and L8). Is it feasible to connect two RF components with a polygon rather than a transmission line? Since transmission line with a two layer board is about 3 mm

I have a pi filter between the RF switch and the antenna, this is also connected via a polygon, is this better done with polygon instead of a transmission line as well?

Thanks for your inputs :)
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