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ID this QRM/N


Can anybody tell me what the source of this signal might be? I see it all over 20m, 61 kHz spacing. It's odd in that there are several tones spread out mostly over 1-1.5 kHz but there does not seem to be any modulation -- signal does no seem to vary except for maybe that third tone.

This set of tones is the same for each 61 kHz image. It is not coming from my PSU (which is a Powerworx switcher) or anywhere in my shack; I checked with all power cut except battery.

Fluorescent light or SMPS with a ~kHz subharmonic or control loop oscillation??


Thanks. Yeah, there was nothing powered IV the shack except the radio by battery, including lights, so I guess it's from a neighbor. (Shack is detached structure about 50 feet from my house, but closer to some neighbors backyard sheds.)

Kind of a bummer.

If you have a beam antenna you could get an idea where it's coming from.



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