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impedance measurement with VNA using series, shunt/series through methods, graph

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--- Quote from: Kosmic on May 26, 2021, 01:33:51 am ---I guess he is using a ground spring ? but I haven't seen any.

The signal was probably pre-recorded anyway and he is "lip synching" the manip  :)

--- End quote ---
Lip synch,  :-DD    I would expect him to use the spring or wire wrapped around the tip with that 6" removed.  He may have very well used the springs but I couldn't see it.  If there's no spring, I wonder what the reference was.  I would have thought the little board he shows was isolated. 

--- Quote from: YetAnotherTechie on May 26, 2021, 10:54:15 am ---To Joe:
Why not ask VirtualParticles to open it up and see how it's made?

--- End quote ---

There are a few reasons.  I'm not so brash that I would ask anyone to pull their equipment apart.   He stated he does work with them and I think helping reverse engineer their product would be a pretty unprofessional move.  Brian collected the S-parameters for us which is really all I needed to get an idea what it was.   Last, I thought that it may be potted.  I was actually thinking I could borrow one to X-ray if it came down to it. 

making those spring bushings is really hard to get right. at least I have an assortment of spring wire now


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