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Inside a Megawatt FM transmission tower and control room.

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Inside a Megawatt FM transmission tower and control room.

Very interesting! only slightly annoyed that they misrepresent the power of the antenna by stating the EIRP instead of the actual power :p

love the extra room cooling fan. 1% cooling trim

are those heavy airline sections brazed together or just bolted? It looks like steam style construction. If I did not know what that was, I would have thought the transmitter room is some kind of industrial steam dryer. It looks like its almost entirely bolted together.

I wonder what the longest piece of non joined pipe is in that network. Do they have some long feeders or is there some kind of maximum section length? I don't think I noticed any really long uninterrupted runs.

They are just bolted together. No brazing.

It's meant to be easily serviceable if you need to rearrange things, or replace a damaged section.

I think I saw another transmitter that had much longer tubes and like brazed elbows, this one seems like a 12-15 foot maximum section? But its also a higher power level, that one had like 3 inch tubing max


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