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Is ICOM IC-R71E a good buy?

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I have always had an interest in SW (listening only) and have had various receivers over the years.

I'm  looking at a ICOM IC-R71E , is it still a decent receiver for general purpose all band reception? (I have requisite skills and test equipment to repair / rejuvenate if necessary)

Or, suppose I were happy to spend up to around £500 / $750 would I be better with a more modern offering? Suggestions welcome

Thanks, Charles

All depends on what you want to do, but honestly I would not invest any money in such an old device.

Why not go the SDR route. There are modern radios from premium brands, but you can get very interesting hobby/amateur devices on AliExpress which have pretty good reviews.


if you get it for a reasonable low price, why not, but more than a few 10 bucks, I wouldn't spend for it

Well, I think up to 100 bucks would still be reasonable and it will sell for more on eBay. No doubts about that.

I was referring to the mentioned budget of 500-750 Pounds!

Here are some more interesting options, IMHO (in no particular order):

Xiegu G90

Search them at AliExpress and on Youtube (reviews).

I think you get more fun out of these than on an old transciever boat anchor.


PS: This more extensive reply was written on a PC (before I was on the mobile phone, hence the lack of examples)

sure it will sell for more on ebay - but that doesn't mean that it's worth the bucks; no idea why all the world is crazy about old crappy radios for almost any foolish price you can imagine

yea 100 bucks would be my personal maximum - if I had need for another radio


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