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Is is possible to repair a hairline crack in semi-rigid coax?

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I was motivated to move my sig-gen's (SMIQ06L) rear-mounted RF connector to the front after reading this eevblog message:
The originally rear-facing N-female is connected a semi-rigid coax (L= 22cm, OD=3mm) with 4 bents (attached photo 1).
To move the said connector to the front, I needed to straighten the semi-rigid coax. Despite delicately straightening the bends, a hairline crack developed in the shield (attached photo 2). I suspect the hairline crack will degrade the shielding effectiveness at microwaves. Is there any way to 'save' this semi-rigid? I am thinking of covering the crack with self-adhesive 1cm wide copper tape (3M Scotch, attached photo 3). Is there a better way? What do I need to watch out for? Thanks.

Assuming that the coax outer conductor is tin plated copper and not aluminum you could wrap a piece of plain copper foil around the break and solder it on.  You'll need a pretty good soldering iron to get enough heat.

I don't see any bare copper in the fracture line. The insulation looks like polyethylene too, which would melt under soldering temperature.

Just apply copper tape after cleaning with solvent, put a small cable tie at each side to hold it in place for ever...

After applying the copper tape, can you hold everything together with heat-shrink tubing?


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