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Arrgh, so, I find the J310 is a nice little VHF FET, decent package, rated by a lot of people who homebrew and is used in a *lot* of projects out there on the web.

Except, it's obsolete in TO-92.

So, do I bodge it into my homebrew projects in SMD form, search for some magical end of rainbow pot of J310s somewhere or is there a nice alternative out there that's cheap enough for me to buy a bag of 50 or more?

THT case jfets are getting more an more obsolete and expensive, but there are SMD alternatives. If it is for RF application the tendency is anyway to go SMD and the SOT23 case is still possible dead bug style.  One might be lucky and get a few old ones from not so suspicious sites, but they are generally already expensive - so not to buy like 50 pieces.

The direct replacement would be MMBFJ310 or SST310.

Most of what I will use them for won't extend beyond ~50MHz so I'm thinking SOT to TO-92 adapter board as it's looking incredibly unlikely I will find a trustworthy source of them (alibaba is full of them but, trusting they're the real deal, hmm...).

An adapter board also opens up the possibility of making a single package cascode/dual gate FET which could be useful

The SST310 is already showing as obsolete so I'm just about to order a hundred of the others.


There is some on ebay in uk:



They have sold a lot of these over the past couple of years - I may stock up.


I would not expect the SOT23 version to go obsolete to soon. There are several manufacturers for this - some may stop this or just do minute changes to the tapes.

For the BF862 there was quite some confusion on going obsolete. However in this case they only changes the tapes (something like different positions /  spacing.  For manual use this does not matter and for the machines it is just entering the correct tape type.


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