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Just got a ham license upgrade, now what?

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I just got my license upgrade this Sunday, getting my HF permissions on my US license. Now what? I can't quite afford the equipment yet.

73 de KC1PQO

Build something!   :-/O

(Although don't spend the big bucks for a new handbook; used old ones are fine.)

Wallace Gasiewicz:
Go to a hamfest and see if anyone is selling an old radio cheap.

Check out http://www.remotehams.com. 

Join a club and meet some operators, many are willing to show off their stations and give you a chance to operate.

El Rubio:
Is there a ham radio club in your area? Lots of clubs have a club station and some Elmer should be willing to show you the ropes on it.
I have bought & sold many ham radio related items on
I saw someone has an Icom IC-718 for $160. He said it doesn’t transmit. That’s a current rig that you can get parts for if you’re into repairing it. There are others, but you have to sift through a bit. Almost all sellers are hams and I have never been burned by anyone on that site.

Make a basic resonant dipole or OFCD for multiband ops.

Soundcard digital modes like PSK31 are easy to get up and running as long as you have a soundcard. 20 Meters -14.070 was very popular.


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