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LDMOS new future AMPS?

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I was referring to this posting in particular..

80C in a teflon coax transformer would not worry me particularly, providing it was measured at rated SWR in the low Z condition.
The days when 'too hot to touch' was a good indication of a problem with power sand are long gone.

And yea, water cooling cures many ills, but can be a bit of a pain in deployment, I am thinking of things like condensation if the cooling loop water gets below the equipment room dew point and the condensate drips all over the control card (Coherent Laser, I am looking at you with respect to the passbanks in old school ion laser supplies).

I would also point out that in some ways a hot heatsink is less worrying then a cool one, as that sometimes means there is excessive thermal resistance die to heatsink.

Regards, Dan.


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