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LimeSDR: Flexible, Next-generation, Open Source Software Defined Radio



Open Hardware LimeSDR: Flexible, Next-generation, Open Source Software Defined Radio
 Funding ends on Jun 21, 2016 at 04:59 PM PDT (11:59 PM UTC)

Features & Specifications

    RF Transceiver: Lime Microsystems LMS7002M MIMO FPRF
    FPGA: Altera Cyclone IV EP4CE40F23 - also compatible with EP4CE30F23
    Memory: 256 MBytes DDR2 SDRAM
    USB 3.0 controller: Cypress USB 3.0 CYUSB3014-BZXC
    Oscillator: Rakon RPT7050A @30.72MHz
    Continuous frequency range: 100 kHz – 3.8 GHz
    Bandwidth: 61.44 MHz
    RF connection: 10 U.FL connectors (6 RX, 4 TX)
    Power Output (CW): up to 10 dBm
    Multiplexing: 2x2 MIMO
    Power: micro USB connector or optional external power supply
    Status indicators: programmable LEDs
    Dimensions: 100 mm x 60 mm


Early Bird (Second Flock) - LimeSDR

Save $50 off the $299 retail. This second flock of early bird LimeSDRs is made possible by further support from our manufacturing partners. The LimeSDR is based on Lime Microsystem’s latest generation of field programmable RF transceiver technology, combined with FPGA and microcontroller chipsets. These connect to a computer via USB3. LimeSDR then delivers the wireless data and the CPU provides the computing power required to process the incoming signals, and to generate the data to be transmitted by the LimeSDR to all other devices.

Free US Shipping / $15 Worldwide 202 claimed, 298 left (at this time)

From Radio Astronomy to Personal Telcos

Here are just some of the applications that are possible with the LimeSDR:

    Radio astronomy
    2G to 4G cellular basestation
    Media streaming
    IoT gateway
    HAM radio
    Wireless keyboard and mice emulation and detection
    Tire pressure monitoring systems
    Aviation transponders
    Utility meters
    Drone command and control
    Test and measurement
    Many more…

With state-of-the-art technical specs, fully open hardware and toolchain, and integration with Snappy Ubuntu Core’s app distribution platform, LimeSDR is limited only by our collective imagination.

"What makes LimeSDR interesting is that it is using Snappy Ubuntu Core as a sort of app store. Developers can make code available, and end-users can easily download and install that code."

Electronics Weekly
"Crowd-funding changing the game for chip firms"

Microwave Journal
"Learn and test new communications techniques, unleash new applications and open up new markets using the powerful LimeSDR platform"

Electronic Engineering Journal
"...a low cost, app-enabled software defined radio (SDR) base station that can be programmed to support any type of wireless standard – putting significant power at the disposal of anyone who wants to innovate in the world of wireless"

EE Times - Europe
"Lime Microsystems have built a wide range of open source support tools and resources...from the outset"

Wireless - Electronic Specifier
"Create and deploy wireless network infrastructure almost anywhere at a fraction of today’s costs"



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