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Looking for data: Herotek DT1812-121, Rf ("crystal") detector



Looking for datasheet for a RF detector, HEROTEK DT1812-121, p/n 01-004916-00.

It is supposed to be a negative out RF detector diode with a frequency range 12-18 GHz.
It has been verified to work in a much wider frequency range and also with a good RL.

No data has been found on the internet. The design is SMA (male) for RF input and SMA (female) for DC
output. Length is 62mm and diameter 8mm. Judging from a gap in the label, this is
a "multi-stage" design, possibly consisting of an integrated attenuator in front of
the diode assembly itself.


Ulf K

Herotek DT devices are Tunnel diode detectors. Look at http://www.herotek.com/datasheets/pdf/Tunnel_Diode_Detectors_0.1-40GHz.pdf
Sure it is DT1812 and not DT1012? Coding seems always <low freq><high freq>, not the opposite.
You say good RL, but this is not generally true for tunnel detectors, that tend to have poor VSWR. Unless -121 actually stands for attenuator input option... You could check by comparing typical sensitivity with yours.

Hello Ulf,
did you find any data for this detector. I also have such a DT1812-121 and would like to know for which frequency range it is intended.
Measuring S11 of the device mine seems to be rather narrow-band with a optimum return loss of approx. 11dB at 2150MHz.
Below 1.8GHz the return loss is less than 6dB and the same above 2550MHz.
Kind regards


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