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     found this with a more recent Google search : Atyune. It's free, easy, accepts .s*p, 1-4 components automatic matching and has a few libraries of components (more seem to be available by contacting Atyune).


--- Quote from: Koen on March 31, 2016, 08:21:46 am ---Now, do I open/short/load calibrate at the VNA port ? Or at the cable end in free space ? Or at the cable end but soldered to the PCB matching network start ?

--- End quote ---

OSL calibrate at the end of the cable soldered to the pads, with the components of the matching circuit removed. Leave the end open for Open, solder a short wire between the pads for Short, and use  a 0603 50 Ohm resistor for Load calibration. This takes some time and take card of not moving the cable and board when changing cal standards. Then you will have calibration plane right at the pads. Your "cheap VNA" i guess is not a precision instrument anyway, so some errors introduced with this procedure would not affect measurement accuracy much.

But i am not sure why you want to connect the VNA to the matching circuit input. I'd think you need to measure the antenna impedance and then use a software to match it.


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