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      would you recommend a matching network calculator software ? Ideally offering PI matching networks and importing .S1P files ? I would like to optimize the matching of a chip input pin at a precise frequency. I have tried RFSim99 without success and would like to try another yet found nothing with the help of Google.

Thank you very much !

You might try this one, its free:
May not be what you are looking for, but it might give you a more intuitive understanding of matching, visualizing on the Smith Chart.  For single frequency, it should work.

Of course there's the paid software:
KeySight ADS http://www.keysight.com/en/pc-1297113/advanced-design-system-ads?cc=US&lc=eng
NI AWR Microwave Office http://www.awrcorp.com/products/microwave-office

Both cost a fortune, but you may have access through a company or school.

Randy Rhea's "The Yin-Yang of Smith Chart Matching" has all the equations you need.


What frequency range are you concerned with?

Matching at 100 GHz is a bit different than matching at 100 KHz.


Thank you for your answers. Frequencies are 400-2400MHz. It seems the problem stems from my measurements. My cheap VNA does not allow for automatic port extension to substract the measurement cable impact so is running the open/short/load calibration with the measurement cable connected to the VNA port on one side and soldered to the PCB matching network start on the other side the right way to do it ? Thank you !


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