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My Microwave Lab is Taking Shape!

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I picked up my new baby just before Christmas! Can’t wait to get this home to the lab. I was able to set it up temporarily while I’m out of town though.  ;D Not shown: 8515A test set and 8340B synthesized sweeper.

Looks like Santa was good to you.


--- Quote from: xmo on December 26, 2021, 04:58:00 pm ---Looks like Santa was good to you.

--- End quote ---

Indeed, even if Santa in this case was me and my own wallet!  :-DD

OK, time to turn in that 90 day TEA chip..... Start over :)

Such a nice toy.

Now on to cables, connectors, adapters, torque wrenches, calibration kits, frequency doublers, DC blocks, attenuators and more!


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