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N-connector panel mount assembly, but how?

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I'm used to connectors that are either crimped or soldered and sealed. This one however, has me puzzled.
How is the shield supposed to be connected?

I'm tempted to just throw it away and get one I can crimp/solder or an N-to-SMA panel mount connector.
RF power is up to 10W.

Is the frequency low enough that you can get away with solder tags under the fixing nuts at opposite corners? 

It's some 50-500 MHz and I need to cover some 3-4 cm inside the enclosure.

I think this connector is meant to be soldered directly to the PCB, so I'm probably better off looking for a different N-connector and some semi-rigid cable.

I would think an eyelet from one of the mounting screws to the coax braid would work.

Old school and has that big problem with grounding. **Good point.**


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