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Using my homemade standards to calibrate the V2Plus4.  Next I measured an SMA to SMA adapter, short section of semi-rigid and a longer section of RG400/U to simulate an unknown thru.  Then wrote a simple program to determine the Unknown and feed the data back through with corrections. Plots show the raw data in green and violet after correction.   

Which values for SMA Calibration Standards did you use?

Hereby the data that I use for my SMA calibration standards.


--- Quote from: ON7CH on November 26, 2021, 03:02:00 pm ---Which values for SMA Calibration Standards did you use?

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When making the videos for these low cost VNAs, I've used the ideal model for both my home made FR4 standard as well as the ones supplied.   I've also presented data without calibrating the V2Plus4 at all or just normalizing the data as with the following example: 


In that case, just a quick visual was good enough to see the trend.  If you read that entire 2-pages,  a gentleman here had helped me to characterize a set of home made N and SMA standards that I use with my vintage Agilent PNA.  I posted a little more detail about that here:     


Below is a review I made for OWO's  V2Plus4.  If you take the time to watch it, you will see just how loose I am when it comes to calibration. 

Joe, with your help I found the instructive home page of Mario Hellmich relating to the characterizing of a SMA calibration kit.
Very interesting, recommended for a VNA user.

If you're looking for a low cost, ready made solution, you may want to consider:


They appear to be a decent quality but I don't see where they spec the number of mate cycles.   I would hope the plating is better than what you will find with the parts supplied with these low cost VNAs. 


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