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Yes, version 2.08 take is the measurement on. Thank you for the information, I use only with the PC.
Hope to get the rev.3 with the new feature.
Best regards.


--- Quote from: realfran on January 24, 2022, 01:19:04 pm ---Yes, version 2.08 take is the measurement on.

--- End quote ---

Every version including 3 will display what ever the VNA sends up.  If the VNA sends calibrated data,  my software uses it.   It does not know if the VNA was calibrated or not.   

For the original NanoVNA, I support the Recal function (allowed me to load any of the internal calibrations).  When I decided to open it to the public, I knew leaving a feature like this was going to confuse users,  so I moved it off the main page to try and save the antenna analyzer group the grief.   The manual warns about it.   I'm sure it's caused problems for a few people.   

I see on V.3 there is the averaging function that is good to use when required, the possibility to use on harmonic mode is one other possibility if the bridge permit.
One question: use one external mixer and directional coupler HPF filter like one of your videos suggests? will be too complicate?

2 X mixers were used, one mixer to up convert and one to bring it back down.   There is also HP, LP, splitter, LO and directional coupler, depending what you are trying to do.   Mixer losses are 7dBish each, so a wideband amplifier is used.  In my example with the Lite looking at S21, no directional coupler was used.  For the old HP8754A looking at S11, a directional coupler was used.   

In concept, it's not too complicated and putting something together wouldn't be too difficult.   When playing around with some wire and transistors on a breadboard, I made this video showing a basic software model I wrote to demonstrate LeCroy's Digital Bandwidth Interleaving.   Roger Delbue of LeCroy chimed in.  The reason I mention this is it shows the basic concepts. 

Thank you for the very good video. :-+


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