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Glad you enjoyed it.

FYI: a discussion about VNA calibration  error models goes here:

This paper seems directly related to the Unknown Through Calibration error model, as I understand:

Thanks.  I had read that email chain and was talking with a friend about it the other day.  The translation makes it difficult for me to follow.   It will require I spend a lot of time to try and make sense of it. I did not download the tools and source code to try and replicate their tests.   I also didn't read their final report.  There were some other nuggets I found in that mail chain but again, it takes time to research.   Did you read it and attempt to follow? Were you able to rebuild their code as well?   

The Lite's internal averages compared with my software average and smoothing filter. 


I can suggest made calibration on big avg settings, this allow get less noise calibration data -> and as result less noise measured data after calibration.
I use minimum x10 avg on calibration.

Also 1001 points and 1x avg by sweep time equal 101 points and x10 avg. So if need more fast update better use less points.

PS sweep speed after 6.3G decreased, need more wait generator ready.


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