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--- Quote from: FPSychotic on June 26, 2022, 10:21:28 am ---ohh, maybe my problem is NVISIA, as there is a very recent version, there is 20 ,21, 21.5 which of them should I install and that sound file where should be installed? I couldn't see any error of sound. Should I install the firmware included in github?.

--- End quote ---

It could be.  Without you taking time to detail what you are doing, I can only guess.   How many times I have brought up that I do not have a crystal ball.     

The last person I attempted to help was suggesting that my software was throwing up bad data.  They took the time to create a video showing all the steps they were taking.   It was immediately obvious what was wrong.  They did not understand the metric system and were entering numbers like 100mHz which is certainly valid.   Screen shot can also be helpful.  One person was suggesting that the sweep would not show any data.   It turned out they had modified the calibration standards coefficients and created a divide by zero.  Very easy to spot with a screen shot.   

Like many, your stuck on the basic install.  As I already mentioned,  I would have no way of knowing if your PC sees the VNA or not.  It has nothing to do with my software.  If that doesn't work, there is no point in installing any of my or NI's software.    Take the time to document exactly what you have done or there is little I can do to help.

Also, keep in mind that I have abandoned the 64-bit software due to NI's extortion business practice.  I have no way to address any problems you may find with it.  IMO, you are wasting your time with it but it's there for those wanting to try it out.   

Hi, I just want to confirm that your software is working and is wonderful
It is working in Windows 11,  with the NI stuff you said, and no issue with the sound dll file.
Thanks a lot by your time. I just reinstalled and worked, no further intervention, maybe ir was a faulty LiteNVA , I made it work with a second unit with same firmware version.
Thanks take this effort, and use you unquestionable talent and knowledge to help help others

That is good to know as you are the only person I know of that has tried to run it on 11.   My friend flipper's Lite was supplied with a defective USB cable and we ran into that snag with the design not considering the full range of voltage available on the port.  Outside of that, I've not had any real problems with the hardware.  It's become my favorite of the low cost VNAs.  If they ever improve the lower frequency performance, I would certainly order up a new one.   

Take care and enjoy your new VNA. 

It's been several weeks since I last made any changes to the software and consider it stable.   I have uploaded revision 3.06 32-bit for the LiteVNA and V2Plus4. 

I also updated some of the photos in the README and have included ALW's where he is attempting to measure his heart rate.  Also some data from the 2-axis rotor is shown. 

Hi, @joeqsmith just let you know in case someone ask you, I could install Solver32 LiteVNA that you recently updated in Windows11, keeping the Solver64 Setup.
I could install the old NI and VISA runtimes without conflict.
It is working now I need learn a lot of RF and your software, I just got the stuff required and got set it up, from now will be everything learn, I honestly think your software and Satsagen (6 Ghz SA,TSA,Sig.gen. for ADI Adalm Pluto SDR) will be the most useful tool I have.
I just seen the WIKI with the 3D radiance antenna plots and I almost fall from my chair.


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