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Just it know here in liteVNA group.io, someone posted a newer version. It is nice as it can save calibration files in the SD card with names, the pictures can receive a name too.
It looks solved a issue I had that the VNA lose the calibration a lite every day, and in two or three days you need make a calibration.
I guess you need be group member to access to this link


If you find there are problems when using my software with it,  I'm using Dislord's firmware 1.2 Jan 27 2022.   

It seems they released a new version of the LiteVNA which may address some of the USB problems I had demonstrated where the did not consider the full voltage range of the standard.   You can see that in the video below starting about 49 minutes in.   I have no idea if they actually did solve the problem or make any improvements only that they posted about it. 


Hello, the new NANO VNA 6000 is on sale, can work with your software?[attachimg=1]


--- Quote from: realfran on August 24, 2022, 09:29:48 am ---Hello, the new NANO VNA 6000 is on sale, can work with your software?[attachimg=1]

--- End quote ---

Are you spending the $800+ USD to find out?   

I don't see it being a popular item.  The cost is too high for someone wanting to get started learning about VNAs.  From a professional view, it really doesn't offer anything new.  We have the LiteVNA which my software has been tested with.   I do wonder if they actually improved the Lite's hardware but it's hardly worth spending any cash on it to find out.   

The most recent software I have released was tested with the V2Plus4, V2Plus and LiteVNA 64.  In all cases, this will be highly dependent upon the firmware.   I only found one version of firmware that would work with the V2Plus and not cause the VNA to hang.   Because the developers do not provide products for me to test, I really can't say how the 6000 behaves.   It's really up to the product developers to  ensure they adhere to the protocols they came up with to control them.  If they make any changes, I would expect it to brake.   


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