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Assuming you are using the 4.x rather than 3.00,  let me know if you find any problems with it.   4.02 should be fine.

Sounds like you are mostly playing around below 300MHz.  What drove you to buy the V2Plus or LiteVNA?   IMO, the original NanoVNA would have been a better choice.

I am using 4.02. I chose the LiteVNA because I plan to start setting up some microwave links in the Arizona - New Mexico area in the next year or so.

If you start a blog post a link here.  I'm interested in reading more about it.

I will certainly do that.

I just got mine… the H version.
Has anyone written anything completely different for the device itself?

I previously had the Mini600, which was based on STM Discovery board,
and I did a plasma demo intro for it just for a bit of fun.

I haven’t looked into this one much. Are there any dramas compiling its source?


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