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Narda 1970's Isotropic Radiation Monitor

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Pictures are of an old 70's broadband isotropic radiation monitor.   The 300MHz 20mW/cm^2 H field probe was the only one included with the set.   

The plastic selector knob was gone but the metal insert was still on the unit.   The knob shown I believe was from an old HP scope.   The rest of the unit appears original and in near mint condition.      The battery still had a very small charge but would need to be replaced. 

Showing the model 8631 10-300MHz H field probe.   Also shown is a page from the manual that shows the basic construction.


Pictures showing the model 8616 radiation meter.   The paint cracked when I removed the cover.  I think this is the first time this unit was taken apart.

The battery pack appears to be no longer available.     

I doubt you would find too many wooden spacers in a modern battery pack.


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