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--- Quote from: Minki on December 08, 2023, 02:24:28 pm ---So no plane to buy the SUBRACK(For save some cost)
And how do i test the PCI-E to SFF-8643 card had the reset signal?Just probe the RST# pin when powwer on the PC?
And ...does those connector no need to solder?I see you didn't solder it in your photo.
Many Thank :-[ :-[ :-[ :-*

--- End quote ---

The horizontal rails can be made from other stuff too. I made some card cages for storage some time ago. This used 10mm makerbeam extrusions.

Don't worry too much about the RST#. Plug it in and see if it works. If it doesn't that's something to look at.

The connectors not soldered are press fitted into the board. It is intentional. Mind you, it is not easy to do. My solution was something like this:

I noticed in the other thread that your original board had two backplane data connectors:

... as well as two trigger/clock/power connectors, which match the connectors on the back of the PXIe-5644R. 

However, your current board revision has two power connectors but only one data connector.  Is the other one not needed by the 5644R, or optional?

On the 5644r nothing is connected on that block. Other than maybe ground. I don’t know why does it still have to be populated, maybe there’s a signal there that gets pulled down so that the backplane detects there’s something in that slot and enables power. Power is taken from the upper connector on both slots.

Got it... I see what you mean now, looks like there are only a few power pins connecting the slot-2 daughterboard to whatever is inside the adjacent shield. 

May you bother to discuss a bit more on the software side? (question posted on the other thread but it seems this one is more active).

If I understand right, if the description ini files in C:\ProgramData\PXISA\Chassis are created correctly (and the pxiesys.ini and possibly also the ChassisDescriptionFilePath registry), the adapter board can get recognized as a chassis and the VST board get enumerated (if it's already enumerated at UEFI booting and seen by Windows).
Or is it compulsory to write a stub DLL like NIPXIeSMu.dll to help enumeration and implement the SMBus operations?


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