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Old TV tuners - useful for a wide range VHF receiver (video)

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Here in Australia we were unfortunate enough to have TV channels very close to the 6m and 2m amateur band.

That created all sorts of problems when those channels were used. Luckily they aren't today.

The silver lining is that old TV tuners can be used for reception of amateur and adjacent frequencies in conjunction with a tunable IF receiver in the 20 - 60 MHz range.

Here's some demonstrations:

an interesting project for its time.
I have tryed various TV tuner receiver cans, as a VHF UHF voltage controlled tuner, step down receiver feeding a  TA2003P  radio ic set-up for 40MHz 90MHz
but digital modes have killed the project for me.

I have a little box of the RF front end's from TV/VCR's. They looked nice and are shielded so some day I hope to use them for something.

1 is the old style TV tuner from the 1960's. Even if the frequency ranges are no use to me, someday I might replace the components for lower freq circuits, in some RF project that needs a big sturdy tuning selector.

Tuner modules are still available


Example data sheet https://tvsat.com.pl/PDF/C/cdm1300l_ph.pdf

It's interesting if you have a tuner around that you want to repurpose, but otherwise analog scanner receivers are plentiful and easy to find and they are a lot more versatile. I have a Radio Shack Pro-2004 and a Pro-2006 that I use almost daily.


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