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Options to measure frequencies beyond 6GHZ - LMX2594 15GHZ signal generator

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Thanks for the pictures.
It's definitely useful to compare the results.
I have also attached my phase noise measurements result, but it's not very dependable, as my spectrum analyzer's phase noise is not that great itself (I'm using SignalHound BB60D)
Here, I am feeding the eval kit with another signal generator as reference input (Signal Hound VSG60A)


--- Quote from: Gerhard_dk4xp on September 14, 2023, 06:50:44 am ---
BTW a customer of mine bought a Signal Hound and it was off by > 10 dB fresh
out of the box against URV-35 level meter & SMIQ04. Check that.

--- End quote ---
The spectrum analyzer or the signal generator?

Ok, I just compared my Signal Hound spectrum analyzer with a calibrated RF power meter. It's off by 1.1 dB, which is acceptable.
Here's the 0dBm 5.8GHZ signal measurement comparison:

Spectrum analyzer. SMIQ only for initial tests. We were more interested in 8 GHz.
There, the signal source was an ADF5356 eval board.
Thermal power head Z51 on URV-35, DC to 18 GHz.
A thermal head that works from DC is easy to check itself.  :-)

BTW, the ADF-5356 eval software allows weird register programming, and that
can generate funny spectra. Also, the ADF-5356 output doubler has just so some
dB of fundamental suppression, what drove me to the LMX2594.

<      https://www.flickr.com/photos/137684711@N07/50403778976/in/datetaken/         >

I got an up/down converter to be able to see signals beyond 6GHZ.
Although it's got bad phase noise, it's helpful to check the signal generator's output.
Here's a 12GHZ signal shown on 5GHZ.
Also, got an ultra low phase noise OCXO to use as reference input.


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