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I've one schematic that I'm trying to make for a new board, some of the parts have one letter next to the value, but I've no clue what is the letter, perhaps precision components?

The parts are:

C - 0.01pF B
C - 0.1 pF F
C - 0.001pF B
C - 4pF CH
C - 27pF SL

And also there are two obsoletes 2SC945AQ what would be a good sub for this one?

I'll try to post the schematic later.

Looking at google could the letters be the tolerance of the capacitors?

B - +- 0.1pF
F - +- 1%

But can't find the CH or SL :-//

I'll try to make the schematic with Kicad and post it here.

Schematic add.

Are the first three components (capacitors) values typos for microfarads?  0.001 pF is not feasible.

Yes, they are typos, should be uF, all the capacitors

According to this document: http://www.rockby.com.au/DSheets/10059.pdf
CH: 0±60 (ppm/°C), -25 to +85 °C temperature range
SL: +350 to -1000 (ppm/°C), +20 to +85 °C temperature range


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