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Place to connect external antenna to this weather station PCB ?

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thanks, will give that a go

so it didnt help  :'( im using these antenna design here: https://arduinodiy.wordpress.com/2015/07/25/coil-loaded-433-mhz-antenna/ which seems good, i just added it to another 433 system i got (tank level gauge receiver) and its performing much better now, no drop outs (fingers crossed)

whats with all these shite 433 devices on the market with over spec'd transmission distance, they all have the same crummy $1 ebay style modules in them...

anyway have to work out why its cutting out overnight... could a 433 crystal degrade ?

UHF being UHF, the distance is pretty much stated for line of sight only. Put objects in the way of the path and its drastically reduced. So it may be advertsied as "100m" or so but in real life situations its probably more like 10.
I just wonder if your drop out problem is actually signal strength related or something else. It only happens during the night?

some ideas:
Is is solar powered - if so, could simply be power loss.
Frequency drift during cold nights.
Some other transmitter locally working at night wiping your RX out.

thanks for your suggestions, its about 10m away with only a glass window between it... it hard to know if its the tx or rx modules or the circuitry leading up to them, will have have a sticky beak with my scope, i wish rf analysers where cheaper, ive also ordered some better 433 modules super heterodyne, and will try them instead


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