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Playing around with amplifiers, looking for a source for enclosures


Hello forum,I like to tinker with MF to RF (100kHz to 3GHz) and would like to test different amplifiers. I already ordered some from China, one of them had a nice metal case, unfortunately the mmic died quite fast.
So I reused the case and board for an MSA-0335 I still had, not an LNA but good as an amplifier for my signal generator:
And it works exactly as expected from the data sheet:

So starting a thread just for this little tinkering is not my intention.  I would like to play around with more different amps, just for fun. The mmic are easy to find, but
does anyone know a source for RF enclosures and unpopulated boards? The enclosures are more needed as I still have some ESD damaged amps on the board.
Of course I could design it myself, but I hope the price is more reasonable for high quantities, unfortunately I only found design kits for mixers.
 I wonder if I'm the only one who needs this, or am I just using the wrong search terms?


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